Nicole Rucker’s Sweet Honey Chess Pie

Nicole Rucker Serves Up a Sweet Honey Chess Pie

Nicole Rucker

Nicole Rucker, author of “Dappled: Baking Recipes for Fruit Lovers” and four-time blue-ribbon pie contest winner, is responsible for some of the most amazing baked goods in L.A. This holiday season, a special-edition version of one of her legendary pies is available at Whole Foods Market stores across the country.

The Honey Chess Pie teases the best flavors out of every single ingredient, like honey and festive warming spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and black pepper. The buttery honey custard and spices are balanced out with a hint of salt, then topped with whipped cream and bright pops of candied ginger. It’s a pie that’s inspired by German spice cookies, chai blends and holiday gingerbread — and after a slice, you’ll wonder how you ever holidayed without it.

Fun fact: Nicole also happens to be a former Whole Foods Market team member. “I was a checker, and I started shopping at Whole Foods because it was one of the main places I could reliably find amazing local dairy,” she remembers. “Working with Whole Foods Market again to create a holiday pie is kind of like a full-circle experience.” It feels right to us too — and it’s the perfect sweet note to end a holiday meal.

Order Nicole’s Honey Chess Pie in-store or online starting November 1.

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