Thanksgiving Appetizers

Light and Bright Thanksgiving Appetizers to Kick Off Your Feast

Thanksgiving appetizers are just as important as the turkey. But when a day of decadent eating lies ahead, knowing exactly what to serve can be tricky. We have a solution: fresh produce — lots of it.  

The more fruits and vegetables you can work into your appetizer spread, the less likely guests are to overindulge before the big feast. Get inspired with these vibrant, veggie-packed appetizers, then visit our Produce department to stock up. Our selection of local, seasonal and hard-to-find choices will help you add more color and flavor to your meal.

Muhammara Spiced Red Pepper Dip

Think of muhammara as a spicier cousin to hummus or baba ghanoush. This ruby red bell pepper, walnut and flaked chile dip adds a vibrant flash of color to your table — especially if you pair it with layers of rainbow-hued crudités such as rainbow carrot sticks, sliced watermelon radishes, radicchio leaves, yellow squash wedges, cucumber coins and more.

Get the recipe: Muhammara Spiced Red Pepper Dip 

Crostini with Camembert, Butternut Squash and Frizzled Leeks

Crostini (aka tiny topped toasts) are the perfect vehicle for a rainbow of colors, flavors and textures. We top ours with creamy Camembert cheese and roasted butternut squash, which lends a happy orange hue and fall vibes. Don’t skip the crispy fried leeks, which add crunch and an elegant touch. 

Get the recipe: Crostini with Camembert, Butternut Squash and Frizzled Leeks 

Seafood Cucumber Stacks with Lemon Cream and Chives

Go green with this refreshing cucumber-based appetizer that will please gluten-free guests, seafood fans and beyond. Top the cucumber slices with smoked salmon, smoked trout, crabmeat, shrimp — or mix up a combo platter for an ombré effect.

Get the recipe: Seafood Cucumber Stacks with Lemon Cream and Chives

Beet Hummus

Here’s a surefire way to brighten up your usual hummus recipe: Add beets. Roast your own fresh beets — or speed up the prep work by grabbing a package of precooked beets during your produce run. Serve with fresh crudités vegetables or toasted pita bread. To contrast the scarlet shade, garnish with lemon zest, crumbled feta and fresh parsley or mint.

Get the recipe: Beet Hummus

Sweet Potato Bacon Bites

While you’re buying spuds for the casserole or candied sweet potato side, grab a few more (long and thin are best here) for this easy, sunshine-hued appetizer. Roasted sweet potato rounds join forces with savory bacon, subtly sweet crème fraîche, tangy citrus zest and sliced green onions for a one-bite app that hits all the right flavor notes.

Get the recipe: Sweet Potato Bacon Bites

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