Berry Chantilly Cake

Berry Chantilly Cake: The Ultimate Easter Dessert

Fresh berries. Layers of vanilla cake. Chantilly cream frosting made with almond mascarpone. Meet our Berry Chantilly Cake — a cake so delicious that people have been known to stand in line for it even if a natural disaster looms, power outage and all (true story). It’s spawned dozens of online copycats and even a hashtag (#berrychantilly).

You can feel good about biting into a slice or three because it’s made with fresh berries and unbleached, unbromated flour. Plus it tastes really, really, really good.

The Start

Berry Chantilly Cake first made its debut nearly 13 years ago in our Arabella Station store in New Orleans. One of our talented Bakery team members whipped up the cake based on her grandmother’s recipe, and in no time, it became a local favorite. Other stores began to pick up the recipe, and within a year or two, Berry Chantilly Cake was wildly popular in our South and Southwest stores. Today, you can get this beloved cake at Whole Foods Market stores across the U.S. (Note: The exact recipe and number of layers may differ between regions.).

Pick up your Berry Chantilly Cake in-store or order online for Easter brunch or any spring celebration. Ask a Bakery department team member about adding a personal message.

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